Sunday, September 13, 2015

Justin and Jill's Drunk History

Title:Justin and Jill's Drunk History
Starring: Justin and Jill and their amazing friends
Category: Category

Drunk people are funny. How it hasn't been mined properly before this is a mystery. Comedy Central has done so but only in a roundabout way. Sure Tosh.0 featured tons of drunks found on YouTube. AtMidnight capitalised on it further. But this was someone else's material. Comedy Central did funny drunks like second-hand smoke.
Until Drunk History. Take a piece of history that in itself is really interesting and have it told by someone who is piss drunk. Then have A-Listers re-enact / act out the narration, complete with outakes and burps. This became a huge phenomena that it seems it is going to run out of material soon. Until people took the concept and made it their own.  Enter Justin and Jill.
They took their history of them meeting up and made it into a drunk history video. It is so good that it is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Helps that both are in the entertainment business.
To top it off, their next video, their wedding dance video is also equally amazing.