Tuesday, July 19, 2005

If Only: Lost Opportunity

Starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paul Nicholls
Category: Drama, Romance

Another movie about second chances? Do you think you've seen this before in movies like 'Groundhog Day'? Ready to dismiss this as a failed Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle? If so, don't read on because if there is one thing I can't do, I can't convert the jaded.
First off, this is not a easy movie to find. Not the opposite of "an easy movie to watch". I mean this literally. If you've seen it, most likely it's on DVD. A Korean DVD. But true fans will find it and it's worth the hunt.
Like it says above, this movie is about romance. Ian, a corporate ladder-climbing Englishman is living with his American girlfriend. She studying music in London, finds him attractive and falls in love. He, however, is past the love-dovey stage too quickly and is settling into a routine, putting her in a special place in his life but not necessarily the center. She loves him regardless because she simply does. He plods on with life, taking her for granted. Until, of course, he finds himself without her. Then a magical second chance is offered. He decides to take it and try to fix his relationship with her. But is it really the relationship that needs fixing?
Rather than focusing on the second chance as a gimmick, the 'previous day' is quickly dismissed as a dream. Then the movie shows it's true colors. There are surprises and nothing goes along as expected because the events in the 'dream' don't happen the same way in real life. It confuses Ian, but he has already come to the realization of how much she really loves him. He find that although he wants to love her back the same way, he first has change, to go to a different place, a place where he can love her back in the same way, the same intensity. Because only then he will be ready to make the decision to stay or to go on and realize how that decision will mean for her.

Friday, July 08, 2005

A Walk to Remember: Movie and Book Comparison

A Walk To Remember book vs. Movie. My review of the movie Walk to Remember.
I decided to read the book after watching the movie. I had no expectations, knowing well that the book's storylines could be mutually exclusive.
All I can say is that the movie carries the spirit of the book superbly.  A lot can be said about  the decision to make the story contemporary rather than historically like in the book. But I think it was both for the better and it really didn't matter too much. Looking at the movie, only tell-tale signs were put in, somewhat as a reminder that movie is set today. Landon's CD player, the music from the radio, the high school kid's clothes, the cars. Other than that, the movie seemed set in a timeless period.
Now to the big question: What was really different?
Some of the characters changed from the book to the movie. In some cases, they were in appearances mostly. Ms. Garber isn't fat or wear glasses like in the book. But the book does go into her character a bit which sorta explains the way she was in the movie. And in the movie, nobody never mentions the reverand's name, Hegbert. But you listen to the DVD commentary track, the author, Nicholas Sparks, calls him only by that name.
Some events went missing and they weren't replaced. A lot was summarized. In the book Jamie shows kindness to even those that look down on her. That was, I think replaced by her 'thank you' reply when the cool kids commented on her only sweater.
I think eveyone who loves this movie should read the book. Reading the book brings new light to the stroy while being an experience on it's own.