Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Americans May Love Cars But The Kings Are Still In England. TopGear still rules

Update to this post on the great motoring show TopGear: A lot of big stars are now making Top Gear their stop and taking a drive around the test track. If it's good enough for Tom Cruise, it's good enough for everyone else. He even led the leaderboard.

This is because the BBC relaxed it's rule on promotions on the show. Previously, they weren't allowed to promoted anything directly (below is the hilarious Ferrari Enzo segment where they bend this rule to the breaking point). Recently, they are becoming more popular to the point the series is now franchised worldwide with Top Gear USA being the latest.
Now, you can head over to their YouTube channel for archives of their old shows.
Here is the original article.

Who knew what fun a socialist government funded program can produce?

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